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I Am Brad's Wife

The reason I created this website is to save folks time. What took me years to compile, hopefully saves others  years of searching for answers. I hope Brads Story gives folks insight, options, possible avenues to investigate to fit each individual persons unique situation; to have a plan and to have control of ones own health decisions.

 I (Nicola) am certified for Integrative Medicine in Support of Cancer Care from Alternative to Integrative. Unfortunately, here in the U.S. Integrative medicine in not mainstream. I am also certified for Cannabis for Pain Control. Both certifications were awarded to me by The Technion (Israel University of Technology). The Technion is world renowned for its studies of Cannabis and has gathered every piece of data, case studies, meta analysis possible from around the world in regard to cannabis.

I am also certified in Basic Nutrition from The Health and Sciences Institute. I am a certified Imerman Angel Mentor. This is an establishment based in Chicago which connects folks with similar or the same cancer in their life or their caregivers. Imerman Angels is a wonderful organization and I am glad to be an associate. I recommend anyone in need of support to contact them.  


                                            Their website is:  




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