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Books and videos we have read and watched

Throughout this journey we have come across many different books. We took pieces of each and made our own daily diet to suit Brad. As the times have changed, so have we. One guideline is to keep animal protein mostly out of the diet. 3 oz, 3 times a week should be tops and organic whenever possible. If a person can stick to eating meat in a 6 hour window or as close as possible, eg:  breakfast and lunch between 7am and 1pm, then the other 18 hours the enzymes from vegetables break down the disease, instead of being too busy breaking down the disease. Green drinks must be drank asap. The enzymes die after 15 minutes. There are so many tips in these books. 

Gerson Therapy is about flooding the system with vegetables amongst other things. It is mostly built on Veganism but there are some exceptions to the rule. There are Gerson clinics. His diet has been around since the 1920's and there has been such a high rate of success noted. This is difficult to follow to a tee at home but there is lots of great information in this book.

The crazy Sexy books are fantastic for help with juicing. We avoided the ones with high (sugar). As a rule, only berries are allowed for a cancer patient. Even though they are high in fructose, the berries are superfoods with cancer killing properties in them. 

The China Study is another book with many years of research and lots of success in treatment of cancer. I have yet to finish it but from what I have read so far, I like the sounds of it.

We have not read How Not To Die but Amazon readers gave it 5 stars. There are fantastic reviews this book.

We are big fans of Dr. Axe. His mother followed his diet after a second bout of cancer and she is now cancer free. Dr. Axe has many videos on youtube and does live webinars. The jury is out for me, on the keto diet but lots of people swear by it. For us, there too much meat and cheese. Cheese blocks the lymph glands and lymph glands are what our body uses to rid us of toxins. Brad did the Keto diet in the beginning and when he was doing rounds of platinum based chemo as he needed the protein to fight the disease but he has always avoided cheese. Gerson allows cottage cheese and a few other white cheeses like goats cheese.

I havn't read the cancer fighting book but it too has a lot of fantastic reviews on Amazon. I'm not crazy about the fighting word but people love the content!

I am currently reading Knockout and am already astounded by what I have read. Dr. Burzynski who has healed many, is interviewed in this book. The preface alone was jaw-dropping. This book is a New York Times Bestseller. 

Videos To watch

Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up. This Dr. was taken to court to try to have his license taken away and have him put in jail. Hundreds of his cured patients showed up to the courthouse, many end stage, that they had to dismiss the case.

This one we havn't watched but it is a great link to find other movies on this topic.

Youtube Video Links

527 The Truth About Cancer episodes:

Olivia Newton John interview on cancer:

From these links many videos and seminars on the same or similar subjects can be found. There is so much fantastic information out there. Information is power. 

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