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UPDATE: There is a chemical named NDMA which was created to specifically grow tumors in lab animals. This is what is in Zantac/Rinitidine. It is also in cheese and processed food like hotdogs. When eaten and then a zantac taken, it causes a synergistic effect, making the NDMA 100 times worse. 


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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Meals are cooked with mostly olive oil, sometimes butter. We usually sprinkle papaya leaf, with turmeric to every meal possible. Put it on chicken as part of the rub, on eggs, on veggies. There's not much taste so turmeric is an easy addition to most meals. Pop in a shake, too. We use a wok for most meals. We steam or microwave veggies. This way, the nutrients are saved. Boiling is the worst, most nutrients end up in the water, so Soup is fine.


Everything goes back in the fridge asap to keep bacteria down and we use as much organic food as possible. There's no need to be trying to deal with pesticides and hormones on top of the disease. Brad doesn’t even want sugar or carbs, anymore. Once in a while he’ll point at something and go mmm. Just today, he said he can meditate on a burger and it’s just as good as if he actually ate one, made me smile. We limit the amount of red meat because it takes longer for the enzymes to break down red meat than fish or chicken and we want the enzymes to be busy with breaking down the disease. We found a great substitute thickener that we are happy with. It’s called Konjac Root Powder. We use this for sauces, instead of corn starch or flour. A little Konjac goes a long way.


Instead of rice, we use cauliflower and add an egg, just like fried rice. That helps get extra protein/less carbs. Instead of pasta, we us squash. We have a Veggie Bullet. It comes with several different blades, a spiral maker, chip maker, pasta and spaghetti maker. I would recommend to everyone. It’s so fast and easy to clean up. We have learned how to put all the nutrients Brad needs into groups so it doesn’t feel like he’s downing something, all day long.


He has a couple of cups of green tea, every day. Super anti-oxidant and tasty. Before a meal, he usually sips on warm tea to warm up his esophagus. It helps and he eats normally, for the most part. Blueberries and strawberries work great to help with swallowing. We figured out that a lot of the back-up in Brad's esophagus during mealtime at the first bites. The saliva glands would kick in and mixed with the food, it would all back up. So, instead a strawberry or blueberry to start gets the saliva running like nuts. Once the saliva glands slow down (after a few minutes), the esophagus is lubed and saliva had gone down. Every time we've done this, Brad has swallowed without a spit up.


Although nothing can replace fresh veggies, frozen veggies actually have more nutrients than fresh veggies because they are frozen immediately after picking so nutrition is at it's maximum, plus they are already cooked so that helps when there's already have so much else to do. We use fresh when possible. Frozen blueberries are great to pop right into the shake. We also make sure Brad gets a leaf of basil a day. The cheapest way for us was to buy a $3 plant. We google whatever ingredients we have in the fridge and see what recipe pops up in the search. We have yet to get bored of our diet!

                                                           How we worked diet                                    


Brad's diet changed, as we went along. Once he was swallowing again we were as close to KETOGENIC as possible. We counted protein and watched for carbs. We had a good balance and when we got great advice from trusted friends and Doctors, we took their advice. We stayed away from cheese because cheese clogs they lymph glands in fact, DAIRY products cause clogging. Goats cheese is fine and the white cheeses are the best if cheese is a must. 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt is also acceptable, for us. The morning shake was key to meeting dietary goals. Brad could eat whatever seafood he liked or could eat and kept red meat to a minimum with 3 oz portions. We liked to keep animal protein to a six hour window eg: 6am-noon so breakfast and lunchtime is where the animal protein would go. The other 18 hours of the day would be assigned to green vegetables, nuts, berries and green drinks, salads, veg broths. This way the enzymes would get busy breaking down diseases instead of being busy breaking down animal protein. This is one form of a fast. We weren't always able to stick to the protocol but we esteemed to as much as possible. We stuck to this type of diet for 6 months or more.

Every 2 weeks, we received blood work and would check the different levels to add or remove something in the diet. More protein needed? Add an avocado!Add a raw egg. Brad's blood work was good enough where he could eat raw eggs without the worry of bacteria. He began to play with the idea of going completely Vegan. When we consulted with Dr. Lobe, Brad decided to go Vegan (for the most part). He already had felt it would be a good choice, for him. 


          Make a shake video

                    Green Drink Video 

Leafy Greens

Here are some examples of leafy greens to add to Green Drinks, use as a side dish or as part of a salad. Collard Greens, Bok Choy, parsley, cilantro and Chard also work well. Surprisingly enough, Collard Greens don't have a lot of taste and are chocked full of enzymes. Chard's do taste bitter, so we've stayed away from using too much chard. A handful works! Use all of the stems and leaves usually thrown away. Cauliflower, although not green it is a superfood and on top of the list for its cancer fighting abilities. Brad said that if it looks like a brain, it's good for the brain. Ginger, although not a leafy green, is another weirdly shaped veggie that looks like the whole body and all of the organs. We put ginger in everything we can!



All of the superfood vegetables are great for the green drinks. Here are a few simple recipes so you get an idea of how much to use. It will vary, depending on type of veg and water content.


             Green Drink #1

  • Handful of Kale

  • 1/2 bunch of spinach

  • 1/4 head medium broccoli

  • Bunch of Italian Parsley

Try to use as much organic food as possible. Amazon Fresh has lots of organic produce for great prices, delivered to the door, for free on orders over $50. Wash everything really well and make sure to check for anywhere bacteria could be. Use all stalks and stems. Run through juicer and drink immediately. The enzymes break down within 15 minutes and the enzymes are what breaks down the disease.

An 8 oz glass per green drink works well.

                Green Drink #2

  • 1 bunch of baby bok choy

  • Bunch of Italian Parsley

  • 1/2 bunch of spinach

  • Handful of chard​

Try to use as much organic food as possible. Amazon Fresh has lots of organic produce for great prices, delivered to the door, for free on orders over $50. Wash everything really well and make sure to check for anywhere bacteria could be. Use all stalks and stems. Run through juicer and drink immediately. The enzymes break down within 15 minutes and the enzymes are what breaks down the disease.

An 8 oz glass per green drink works well.

Try out various green veggies to see whats best.

         "Crazy Sexy Juice" and "Crazy Sexy Cancer" 

 are great books for advice/ideas on making drinks.

Vegetable Garden
Healthy Green Smoothies
Vegetable Market
Wheat Grass

  I buy almost all of the groceries online through Amazon. Amazon fresh usually can deliver within one business day.


cilantro large.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.

Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.


© COPYRIGHT 2018/2019.  







Our friend an Oncology nurse, has worked for 28 years infusing chemo patients. K had studied under our Oncology Dr. at the U of C hospital many years ago, as chance would have it. The day Brad was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, I immediately called K for help. She began to tell me a story about how one of her patients, a young guy 15 or 16 had a tumor on his brain and after chemo and radiation, another tumor appeared and they did second rounds of treatments. Nothing worked.


His mom went to speak with doctor who told her they could do no more and to make preparations for his passing. She went home, where K was giving him his infusion and told K the awful news. Then she asked K if she had ever heard of cannabis oil. As chance would have it, K had just watched a documentary on cannabis oil. Mom had been carrying around oil and even empty capsules, for months but thought it was all hocus pokus. Mom asked if they should try it and K replied…sure we have nothing to lose and they sat down and filled capsules with oil, using a syringe. 7 weeks later, the young man’s 2 tumors were completely gone and have never returned. It has been 2 years, now.


I began to research and we sent off for the medical marijuana card. 10 days before Brad had his first chemo, we started him on the oil. He was really tired for a while, but his spirit was up and he said he was okay to keep up with the doses. We have no scientific way to gauge how much he took. We just gave him as much as he could handle. We would give him a glob like the size of a grain of rice and then wait for a few hours. If he felt okay, we would add a little more. The first night, Brad said he felt like a Shaman was inside of his body, healing him. He only took the oil in the evening so he would not be effected, at work.



                                        Cannabis oil                                  Tiny amount (like a grain of rice)













On day 8 of taking the oil, Brad called me from work to tell me he had eaten a chicken Caesar salad. This was the first time he had eaten anything solid for many months. On day 9, he called me again at lunch and said the same story. He was feeling relief. On day 10, we went for his first chemotherapy and on the way, he was feeling so good he said we would be eating steak, that night. True to his word, we did and Brad thoroughly enjoyed it. We will never know for sure what actually is the reason for such miraculous results so far but to see Brad feeling relief before chemo ever started, well, in our opinion, cannabis oil has a big roll to play in his well being, along with being great for nausea and pain.


Please view the youtube video’s of making the oil to see how we make the oil. This is all still trial, with us. We have seen what other web sites say about dosage and we feel the amounts suggested may be overkill. Brad ingests about a half oz of bud converted to oil, in a month. Other sites recommend an oz and a quarter per week. This seems like way too much, to me but to each their own. As I say, we are only explaining our experience and cannot recommend anything.

From then on, Brad has eaten normally, for the most part. He has a little hiccup or overwork of his saliva glands around his chemo week, during some meals. He starts his meal with a warm cup of green tea and I rub his back and front in circles to warm up those muscles near his esophagus and it really helps!


As far as choosing the right kind of bud went, we started by realizing there are 2 main strains INDICA and SATIVA. We prefer INDICA as it is mellow and a good mood vibe with the munchies. SATIVA tends to be more upper and causes panic attacks. We stay away from SATIVA as much as possible. As far as CBD:THC ratio, we got the highest THC content we could, with CBD, because it is said to have a synergistic effect. THC is the main component. CBD is a beautiful booster but not necessary. We also love high CBD content because this means lower THC which means less high/stone/effect and folks can function while healing. Dispensaries have really high CBD and low THC. This is great for children, the elderly and those who have never ingested cannabis/marijuana before. The best suggestions we found, all said to gradually, raise the amount…monitor for the first week or two and see the tolerance. Everybody reacts differently. For us, Brad had encountered marijuana before and so he tolerated it better than others may. Each person is different, reacts differently so we would be careful because of this. Suppositories is something I would consider In My Humble Opinion. There is no euphoria, it bypasses the stomach and the liver so, the stomach acid doesn't burn up the medicinal properties and the liver doesn't cause the euphoria because the suppository allows the Oil to go in through the intestines. Nighttime, laying down is best way we found. Not every cancer has the same reaction to Cannabis Oil. I believe Breast cancer's vary. For some, high THC could accelerate the disease. For others, High THC is needed. FB has great groups with many folks guiding each other and happy, to help.

Making The Oil


1. Cannabis (Marijuana). One ounce or more. With one ounce, around 6 or 7 grams of oil is yielded.

2. EverClear/Grain Alcohol (we have used isopropyl 91% in a pinch. Not for prolonged use as it contains some unwanted chemicals)

3. 1 scientific jar

4. 2 coffee filters and rubber bands.

5. 1 meat tenderizer 

6. 1 tea towel

7. 1 rice cooker

8. 1 fan

9. Mortar and Pestle

10. Hand grinder (optional)





Before making oil, put cannabis and ever clear in the freezer for 8 hours, at least. This helps to break down the buds easily and helps to have a greater yield of oil. Take bag of cannabis out of freezer, wrap in a tea towel and pound with meat tenderizer (quickest way to break it down) until it is fairly powdery. If having trouble breaking it down, use a hand grinder. 


Pour into a mason’s jar and add enough alcohol to cover. Stir well and return to freezer, for an hour, then remove to extract.


To begin to extract, add mixture to mortar and pestle to squeeze the juice out of the flower. A mason jar and wooden block also works. Once we feel we have all we can get, we add some more alcohol so it is covered and swishy. Then we stir for about 4 minutes. At this time, we turn on the kettle and boil up some water and we pull out the rice cooker.


While the water is boiling, we take the scientific beaker, put a coffee filter over the mouth of jar and secure it with an elastic band. Then we strain the mixture  through the coffee filter. Once we do this, we squeeze the coffee filter and discard it, then we replace old filter with a new one, over the mouth of the same beaker which has the green liquid in it. We go back to the mortar and pestle and just add more alcohol and stir for another 4 minutes and strain through the filter on the other jar. Viola! We should have a jar of alcohol extracted cannabis/marijuana oil. All we need to do now is get rid of/separate the alcohol from the would be oil. Too do this we turn on the rice cooker to heat it up and once the kettle is boiling, add some to the rice cooker. After this, we lower the jar with green alcohol into the hot water, in the rice cooker. We like to keep the water at the same level as the product inside of the jar. Turn on the fan and make sure it blows away from the button so the alcohol doesn’t make contact with the element, as a precaution. Proper ventilation is extremely important. An exhaust fan works well.


We let the alcohol evaporate until the oil is runny, not too thick. Toward the end, we add a few drops of water off of fingertips and watch the oil bubble. This removes impurities. Once this is complete, we call the process done. We know there are other ways which take longer where people put the jar of green liquid on a coffee warmer and it takes 3 days for alcohol to evaporate. Also, more sophisticated way is to use a distiller. There is a learning curve and expenses. For us, our way works. There is also organic alcohol out there, expensive but I am sure so pure. The green grape alcohol looks to be the finest but we cannot order here in Illinois without a liquor license so we do what we can with what is available. 


If you're going to a dispensary: The first thing to do it find a qualified cannabis Dr. Bring medical records, get fingerprinted and wait for card to come in. It is best to also apply for a caregiver card, at the same time. Once the card comes, the patient must contact the dispensary they are going to go to, in advance, to register. This is the case in Illinois, anyway. That registration takes a couple of days so call first so as not to waste your time. Also, a person can only be signed up at one dispensary, at a time. Before going to dispensary, it would be good to google the dispensary and view their menu. All the THC and CBD percentages are on there. Aside from flower, there are vapes, transdermal patches and many more options, depending on each persons own individual need. 


NOTE* Some “Rick Simpson” cannabis oil recipe’s say to use ETHYL as the solvent. This may have been a good idea back in the day and makes sense in some way, as it is oil based and much cleaner than mineral spirits but THIS IS NOT A GOOD WAY TO EXTRACT. Grain alcohol is way better.


Once the oil is cooked, add coconut oil and mix. Coconut oil helps the body absorb up to 50% more medicinal properties, than straight oil, alone. For those who are too stomach sick to take oil orally, there is vaping and cannabis dermatology patches. The jury is still out on suppositories. Vape oil is easily made with finished product wax or oil and mix with wax liquidizer. Most dispensaries should carry shake, hopefully with 1:1 ratio. This could be up to half the price of bud and has no stems, saves time not having to break it down. Actual bud is better than shake, has more medicinal properties but is also more expensive.



Everclear Grain Alcohol (96% alc./192% proof) is illegal in many cities and states. When we tried to order organic grain alcohol online, we were refused because we lived in Chicago and it is illegal to sell grain alcohol in Chicago but It is legal to sell in the Chicago suburbs and throughout the state of Illinois.

States that currently ban the sale of Everclear include California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Minnesota.

Making The Oil

Cannabis Oil

(Links to Amazon for each item below)

Part 1

       Part 2

                           Part 3

                                                                                   Part 4

Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.


© COPYRIGHT 2018/2019.  


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