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Coffee enemas are an excellent way to remove  grunge, heavy metals and other toxins from the liver. The liver takes so much abuse and stores some of the worst elements. On the UPSIDE (pardon the pun), there is a bile duct which coffee opens up and stimulates the liver. This stimulation of the liver removes the toxins. We have seen some scary things came out of Brad’s body. Even after many years of coffee enemas, more scary stuff came out. I myself was shocked by the sludge and the colors; colors I have never seen before come out my body after two Coffee Enema’s. I believe as long as a person is careful with the temperature of the coffee (one left little finger held in the coffee for 10 seconds to make sure there will be no injury from scalding). Having fiber in the system is important, a coffee enema should be safe and great for immune support. It may take a few to see the results but I would bare with it. The results we have seen are amazing, shocking.


To start, we bought a coffee enema kit, the one with a stainless steel bucket and a tube with an on/off clicker. (I am wary of the rubber ones that look like a water bottle).  Then we bought organic coffee and distilled water.  


 A regular douche Ball is what I prefer. Only use lukewarm water a row . Let the first douche do it's magic and then the second one will be much easier. Be prepared to be on the toilet pot for a bit. Once the douche is done it completed, Part two happens. The actual coffee enema. The mission is to lean downward so the coffee goes in to the liver, bile duct area.  Brad took his towel with him and bent over the tub side with his towel underneath his belly. We hung our coffee filled metal bucket from the shower curtain rail. There is a tube with a little clicker on it that hangs down from the metal bucket and needs to be open until there is only coffee in the flow and ALL AIR REMOVED. Then, we insert into the anus and open the clicker. The coffee will flow into the intestines and eventually get to the bile duct. One to two cups of coffee will do.  (MAKE SURE IT IS COOL ENOUGH OTHERWISE IT COULD BURN THE INTESTINES, use your left little finger for ten seconds, to test AND MAKE SURE TO EAT FIBRE THE NIGHT BEFORE. Salads etc).  Most bath tubs are just right for this procedure. Once the re is a full feeling, grab a towel and head to the couch. Put legs up and over the back of the couch, keeping the pelvis up and the coffee flowing toward the liver. 15 minutes is something to aim for. In the beginning, once there is a feeling of urgency, this is when to head to the bathroom. 


This is all in my humble opinion. I am not a doctor. This is what we did. Please research everything before deciding if this right for you.

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