Organic Coffee Enemas


Coffee enemas are an excellent way to remove the grunge, heavy metals and other toxins from our liver. Our liver takes so much abuse and holds on to some of the worst elements, for a lifetime even. On the UPSIDE, There is a bile duct which coffee stimulates and opens up the liver to empty out toxins, when coffee is used as an enema. We have seen some scary things came out of Brad’s body and after coffee enemas.. I myself was shocked by the sludge and the colors; colors I have never seen before from my own couple. of enemas. I believe as long as a person is careful with the temperature of the coffee (dip the left little finger into the prepared coffee for 10 seconds to make sure) and make sure there is enough fiber in the system to not aggravate the intestines, a coffee enema should be safe and great for immune support. It may take a few to do but I would bare with it. The results we have seen are amazing. 


To start we bought a coffee enema kit. We got a steel bucket. And a tube with an on/off clicker. ORGANIC COFFEE ONLY.  I am wary of hot water and rubber because of the chemicals activated with rubber and warm water. 


To start, a regular douche is preferred. It is just a water bulb to get everything out of the way in the intestinal tract so the coffee reaches its goal. Only lukewarm water to be added and inserted up the behind a couple of times in a row . . Let the first douche do it's magic and then the second one will be much easier. This is just for the first one or two enemas. After that, online douche of water should be needed. Be prepared to be on the Loo toilet for a little while. When these douches have been done, one should see the difference between the first and the second. The second one will be looser. For these douches, I would recommend folks to stay seated on the bathroom pot. Bring a magazine. 


Once this is done, time to bend over! The mission is to lean downward so the coffee goes in to the liver, bile duct area.  Brad took his towel with him and bent over the tubside with his towel underneath his belly. We used a metal bucket and hung it from the curtain rail. There is a tube with a little clicker on it. It hangs down and needs to be open until there is only coffee in there and ALL AIR REMOVED. Next, we insert into the anus and open the clicker. The coffee will flow into the intestines and eventually get to the bile duct. I believe between one and two cups of coffee will do.  (MAKE SURE IT IS COOL ENOUGH OTHERWISE IT COULD BURN THE INTESTINES), MAKE SURE TO EAT FIBRE THE NIGHT BEFORE. Salads etc). Once this happened, for a while, Brad would wrap the towel around him that he was leaning on and run to the couch and jump upside down. He threw his legs over the head or the couch. He loved to watch T.V that way! The body needs to face up so the coffee remains to head toward the liver.   15 minutes is what is best, understood for the first time or twofer most people, the time will be less. After that point, the more time is the better. The coffee stimulates the bile duct which opens the liver and a lot of sludge comes out, from what I have seen, when I did two coffee enemas. Dark colors. I bet it adds years to folks lives. Hold it in as much as you can. Then RUN!! To the bathroom. The first day, I would do one a little smaller amount of coffee. The SECOND enema will show a lot of shocking deep, dark colors. For cancer, Brad Did three or four a day, usually three. First one, around breakfast, then one before lunch or dinner, then later in the evening. The evenings are hard because the coffee keeps a person awake.