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Anyone about to undergo chemo should ask for a chemo sensitivity test. It tells if a person will respond to a chemo. It is not given as a standard here in the US. It is a standard test in Germany. 

How to avoid chemo side effects


The photo above is really important. The lowest point of the body should be the posterior and the elbows. The reason is because many types of chemo have heavy metals in them like platinum which damages the nerve endings of the lowest registers even during the first chemo infusion. Keeping the fingers and toes elevated insures the platinum will settle in the posterior and elbows, not the hands and feet. During the first (and every) chemo, the nurses kept asking if Brad could feel the tingling. Luckily, we were playing cards and I had Brad's feet propped up to rub his feet. It was just by chance that we had him in the correct position for the first two treatments. Then we learned from an oncology nurse friend this tip.  


We rarely had a bed for infusions. When in a recliner we asked for three pillows or two pillows and a blanket. one pillow for under his hands and the other two were to get his legs up. It works like a charm and is also good to help prevent hair loss because this body position also causes better blood flow. 


The only side effect Brad had (for the most part) was when he would put his hand in the fridge or freezer. this was because of the platinum. In wintertime, we made sure Brad was wrapped up really well. He had a hat with a mask built-in, a scarf and gloves on whenever he went out. Thankfully, he could walk through the buildings to his job in downtown Chicago so he rarely was out in the elements for any extended time. At one point he did have slight tingling in his fingers so we upped the liquid intake and it went away. 

Side effects from chemo are more deadly than the disease, in many/most cases. The oncology Dr. said if the cancer didn't kill Brad, the chemo would. FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH. Drink as much water/green drinks as possible a day (8 x 12oz) to remove the chemo toxins from the body  and avoid side effects.


Coffee enemas also help with removing toxins. They stimulate the liver so it functions at a high level. Black Cumin Seed Oil also known as Nigella Oil is fantastic for cleaning out the heavy metals from the liver and it helps nutrients soak in through the liver. It helps the liver to work more effectively.


Curcumin is oil soluble so we put the curcumin powder into a shot glass with olive oil for Brad to take, daily. Curcumin is miraculous. Many studies have been performed on its effect on cancer and the immune system. I put it on everything. It has little taste but lots of color that will stain the skin temporarily. 

Lymphocytes help with blood flow and flushing of toxins out of the body through the kidneys.


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