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There is something called chemotherapy sensitivity tests to see if the chemo will do anything for the person. It isn't generally used here in the states but is standard treatment in Germany. I wish we had known this. We definitely would have asked the doctor.


This is a course I am taking online from The University of Israel. Traditional herbal medicine in supportive cancer care: From alternative to integrative.

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Many folk will choose to go with conventional medicine. Finding an integrative doctor would make life easier. Finding a doctor who believes that what the patient believes is as important as drugs. Many oncology dr's say diet has nothing to do with fighting cancer and vitamin C infusions and other holistic treatments are all "neutrals" as Brad's doctor said...they do nothing. This negativity was awful and made the battle much more difficult. A person's culture, what Grandma taught about herbs, all of this is important and a doctor should consider this and be open to integrating holistic's with conventional medicine. Unfortunately, the chemo is what kills many people. Having a doctor who will be proactive in a plan containing diet and supplements will help get through the chemo's with the least amount of damage. We have found that Dr's from outside of the US are more open to holistic's. Also, out of all the nurses we have seen, it was all the foreign nurses who knew about herbs and how diet changes the blood. We asked as many questions as possible.

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