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Kidney beans (as an example) contain high levels of a lectin called phytohaemagglutinin. If you eat them raw or undercooked, they can cause extreme nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. As few as five beans can cause a response. Beans should be soaked in cold water with some baking soda to remove lectins. The beans are soaked for eight hours, then rinsed and repeat four more times. This will remove a lot of lectins but some will still remain. Lectins are bad for the gut. Certain types of lectin may bind with the walls of your digestive system which can lead to serious problems. Lectins are also found in the skin of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. The seeds, also. One way to avoid them in tomatoes is to put the tomatoes in boiling water for a short time, then the skin can easily be removed. Arun, thanks. This is going on the website 😉 Feel free to send anyone my way (through FB messenger) who may want guidance, especially for cancer. Conventional, Holistic or Integrative route, all the same to me. What a person wants their path to be is their decision. I can help clear up a lot and help a LOT with chemo side-effects. Generally best to get to me before the chemo starts. No charge, just happy to be able to help. There are some simple things can be done to avoid some bad side effects. 

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