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Mushroom Tincture

The mushroom tincture is noted as being a potent immune system booster. Some of these mushrooms are used is in chemotherapies and instead of chemotherapies in the far east. Some of these mushrooms can be found growing in New England and The Washington Mts. 



Mushroom tincture from 5 types of mushrooms all easily available online

The 5 mushrooms are:
1. Turkey tail
2. Chaga
3. Reishi (Mushroom of immortality)
4. Shitake
5. Maitake


What we do is take even amounts of the shrooms and place them in a large jar until 3/4 way full, then add the liquor. Every day it needs to be shaken vigorously and kept in a tark place. After 30 days, the tincture is ready. 1 tbls twice a day.


We buy ever clear (96% alcohol) because it is much cheaper than vodka. We dilute it with water so it is around 40% alcohol. Vinegar can be used instead of alcohol but the tincture will take longer to come to extract.


There is a second part to extraction involving water and boiling the mushrooms, after the 30 days. We don’t do this part. Please see link below which explains the process. It is fairly simple to make. explains what each of these mushrooms do and what  evidence there is around the world of their medicinal properties. 



Shiiitake Mushrooms.jpg

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