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Be careful which Dr. you choose. Find the great ones out there.

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

My husband went into hospital from malnutrition and the "dr's" and I use that term loosely, gave him oxycodone for his gut pain and shut down his digestive system. Their resolution was to give him more for the pain. I wasn't in the state and by the time I got there, they had given him antibiotics for an infection they thought he may have but he didn't have and they knew this after getting the test results and they never pulled him off of it, so his digestive system was completely messed up. I was so disgusted when I got there to see they weren't feeding the guy who went in for malnutrition bc he was asleep. Unbelievable. What should've been a one night stay turned into 8 days in there and another week in rehab bc they had depleted him so much. Once I got there, I demanded they stop with the opioids and get some Greek yogurt. Within a half an hour, he was no longer in pain and then he had to keep refusing 3 interns and their overseeing dr every day from prescribing him the drugs for his "pain." even when he kept telling them that he had no more pain. Found out later, OOPS, they forgot to give him a stool softener. Opioids cause constipation. Then, they overcompensated by giving him a total of 12 pills, a mix of stool softeners, diuretics and laxatives. I was fighting with them about this. It was crazy. There was nothing in his system and they were dehydrating him even more. Later, they apologized like it was nothing and then tried to force him to take more oxycodone!!! He kept saying he wasn't in pain and expected to be out of hospital soon and back on his cannabis oil. He wouldn't go against the law and was in NH at the time. I totally understand now why they call New England the oxycodone trail. He died, soon after. Before that, his chemo dr gave him a non fda approved chemo (Irinotecan) when he was stable that killed his immune system and destroyed his lymph glands. There was no turning back after that. His dr had him sign himself off of the chemo drugs that were actually preventing proliferation without him knowing it. The same dr told us to fatten him up any way we could with ice-cream and sticky buns. And this is the assistant professor at the University of Chicago. He refuses to answer any of my questions and now refuses to give me Brad's autopsy results. I am not totally anti-establishment but it is a sad and ultimately disgusting fact that big pharma funds the colleges and the hospitals and there are so many incentives for sales of drugs, the hippocratic oath is gone out the window, at this stage and the dr's who realize this are afraid to stand up and speak out..well most of them. Suzanne Somers has a great book called KNOCKOUT. I suggest everybody to read it, even if you only get to page 55, eyes will be wide open. Okay, I'm getting off of my soapbox, now. Oh one more thing Savannah, you may want to stay away from smoking cannabis leaf. There is mold on some of it, especially if it hasn't been handled properly and this can cause an immunocompromised person to be in danger of infections.

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