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Cannabis and it's medical uses

Many countries are apprehensive to use cannabis medically as there is yet to be enough convincing studies, meta studies to prove effectiveness for pain, in their country. Although, to ask a user who treats his/her fibromyalgia pain with high THC if it is effective, one would find most folks say yes, It is effective. Mood is a big factor. When a person feels relief from pain, instead of the feeling of constant pain, this has great positive psychological effects on a person. The placebo effect is also promising. In my experience, my husband had stage 4 adenocarcinoma, Her 2-Pos esophageal cancer in the lower third. 30 mm from his eye teeth. In eight days, he was swallowing with home made cannabis oil which I made. He had been choking for six months and soda water and bone broth were his only saviors. There is so much to hope for. I find, when folk have been given a hospice notice aka: our chemicals can do no more for you other than make you comfortable (oncology world), then cannabis becomes the one hope, should a person want to or be able to try it. This course is important to me and I thank you for this scholarship. I wish to extend the data and studies and meta-analysis provided by The Technion. I will research statistics and be aware of results and also remember, cannabis is not good for everyone and I will research before I give any advice on cannabis. Pregnant ladies should avoid cannabis. Also, in my opinion, from data in this course, it is best to not drive or use any motorized objects while intoxicated. The law is different for different states, countries etc. When age is a factor, there is also the factor of tolerance to cannabis. One of the most difficult aspects of trials are: how to find enough people who have never used cannabis, to put together a double blind study. Although, there may be a reason why many folk who have come to the end of the medical prescriptions like opioids, then use cannabis for pain, neuropathy, psychological effects, cancer pain. PTSD (though some may have an adverse effect, depending on the type of cannabis, whether is may be Indica or Sativa or a Hybrid. I suggest caution to all who have mental/potential mental disorders. Test periods are vast and wide and there is so much information, to put this all together will take more years. There is convincing evidence to say cannabis relieves many diseases. To start with the gut, once a person feels then they can feel hungry and the gut becomes calm and welcoming. A cancer patient who can overcome chemotherapy side-effects, because they use cannabis, then this person can consume the amount of nutrients needed to boost immune system and keep the overcome chemo side-effect A person being young (seizures, autism) may have adverse effects from cannabis. More research needs to be done before administration. This needs to be taken seriously. There are many positive anecdotal stories. There is promising results from Sativex for both old and young, where Parkinson's disease is another spastic type diseases. On the other side of this, elderly folk who are lucid and would like to be lucid before passing, could choose cannabis over morphine. This is totally a personal choice and every person in the family who faces this, needs to remember this. I believe cannabis is a miracle and I hope this plant is more prominent in our health care systems, in future. I Thank you, Technion. Nicola Forcier}

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