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legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana

Here is my 2 cents on the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana:

Before it was ever legalized anywhere in the Western World, cannabis was readily available on the corners of streets, even in places like Ireland where the sun rarely shines enough for it to grow, there.

For the government to make it illegal again would only bring it back to the streets, where it remains, anyway. Street price and dispensary price is close to the same in most places.

The main reason, in my humble opinion, that the government is holding back on legalizing Cannabis is because if people can self-medicate and in a week shrink tumors, come off of pain pills for all of the worst medical pain issues and move on with their life, then the big money makers in the medical industry have a problem. Cannabis helps the major disease of pain, like arthritis, it helps to stop children from having as many seizures. Many have gone from hundreds to one or 2 a day. Cannabis may help hospice folk to stay lucid and be with their family before they pass, instead of being in an opioid induced coma. This is when the flow of money stops to the traditional western medicine community.

You all know my feelings on cancer. Fact: The hospitals that stay open and flourish in the U.S.A. all have oncology departments. Those without oncology departments tend to close after a few years. Yes folks, chemo keeps the doors open. Sad but true. There is no money in healthcare if a person is healthy! Right? Also, right now, doctors don't know how to prescribe cannabis. Nobody really knows for sure what all of the strains do but there are places that know exactly what over 500 strains of cannabis do or don't do to help folk in pain and people with cancer. The insurance companies are in a spiral of confusion. The way they use oncology doctors to decide when a person gets denied of their EKG scans and Barium Swallows, even x-rays because they are unnecessary. Where can the insurance companies and the oncology money makers go to for advice on how to control cannabis? This must upset the regularity of the money flow toward the insurance and pharma companies and they would love things to just stay the way it is now and deny deny deny the effectiveness of cannabis. Brad was swallowing with no chemo after being choking with a tumor above his stomach. All it took was one ounce of Bubba Kush, a bottle of Everclear, a rice cooker and a Youtube video! Over the past few weeks, I have been going over Brad's medical records and to see how many of the less invasive and more effective scans he was refused by the insurance company because an oncology doctor who worked at a desk, in a health insurance company, refused the tests, well, this disgusts me; and all because the more invasive and what I mean by this is, the more radioactive fluids, carcinogenic, more cancerous tests were cheaper and this was our only option unless we paid out of our pocket was for Brad to take them less expensive tests, well this makes me sick. Looking back, we should have said we wanted the EKG and to put it on our tab. In hindsight, Brad outdid with cannabis what his oncology Dr. ever said was possible but his doctor just tried to take credit at the end, instead of being truthful and saying "Run, Brad. You have done way more than I could ever have ever done, for you." The insurance companies may hate cannabis. It makes them no money if a guy can get better and go back to his life without worry and have no need for lifelong pills without the worry of his next ailment (usually from side effects of drugs that do nothing or little to cure the ailment) and the insurance company has no idea how to control the cannabis that may be his cure. Long live cannabis, guys 📷


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