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Question everything before diving in.

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Hi guys, here's an excerpt from a post reply of mine, earlier on, on cannabis oil success stories page... The dairy industry uses silver to prevent bacteria growth in milk jugs. How about they add a little to the water in Flint, Michigan. When Brad mentioned silver to doctors, they said to not use it in case there may be heavy metals mixed in with it. What a joke. They were giving him liquid platinum. Brad's oncology Dr actually had the nerve to say that holistic's do nothing and their "fatten him up any way u can..sticky buns" method worked better and people lived longer than those who went the "healthy diet" route. I am disgusted by what I have seen and heard from supposedly the #12 "comprehensive" cancer hospital in the country, especially when the Dr knows that his chemicals most certainly do not heal many types of cancers and other diseases. Chemo only cures 3 types of cancer as far as I know..childhood leukemia, certain types of lymphoma's like non Hodgkins and testicular cancer. All the rest are a shot it the dark. This part is so important.... There is a test called the chemotherapy sensitivity test. It tells before treatment, if the chemo will be in any way effective for the individual considering chemo. It is a standard test given in Germany. They don't give it here. Why? Well, the doctors curing cancer with holistic's (and the oncology Dr's with a conscience) say... There is no money to be made by finding out a person won't get any relief from chemo. Here's another fun fact... All hospitals keep their lights on and doors open from the profits of the chemotherapy ward, alone. There is absolutely no incentive to heal people. How come the rest of the world treat their patients with dignity and actually consider their patients beliefs? and these are countries considered to be 3rd world countries. The oncology Dr's throw shots in the dark with peoples lives, instead of guiding people to try their own holistic way, when they know they have no cure, for them.

I firmly believe, Brad would have lived longer had he denied that last new heavy chemo, (Irinotecan, an immune suppressor that causes diarrhea because the carrier is sorbitol, also a glucose).

Really? $12,000 a chemo infusion for that? and a trip back to the hospital the next day because of dehydration! What a joke. They gave Brad an unapproved FDA drug, and this says something BAD if the FDA won't approve it. They are bought and sold by the pharmaceutical companies and at this stage, they have absolutely no idea what is going in to any of the drugs being put forth. They don't have the scientists to check it out. I hope this helps someone to at least question. At the end of the day, Brad's Dr said that he was just a consultant!! I wish he had said that in the beginning. Please share. This is coming from my heart. I know I am just one small drop in the ocean but the tide is turning.

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