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Dr Thom Lobe is a brilliant man, a caring, compassionate Doctor. When we met Dr. Lobe, we felt at ease. Brad would do chemo and then go for Vitamin C treatments. After a long day in the chemo ward, it was so refreshing at Regeneveda. When we first met with Dr. Lobe, he asked what type of cancer. When we said "Esophageal cancer" he said "That's hard" (not impossible) He kept our hopes up. We could deal with hard. He gave us advice on diet and helped us in any way he could. Brad began twice weekly vitamin C, ozone and UVL (ultra-violet lite) infusions. 


When given intravenously, high levels of vitamin C in the blood generate the production of hydrogen peroxide and thus have an oxidative effect.  High dose Vitamin C is often used adjunctively to help fight cancer cells.

Ozone is an extra O molecule infused into water. Cancer does not like oxygen at all.

The UVL light is placed into the vein via a needle. It remains in the arm for an hour. At this time all of the blood in the body passes by the UV light and it kills pathogens in the blood. UVL is also used for Lymes disease. One of Dr. Lobe's patients told us that after 6 weeks of not doing the UVL, his Lymes symptoms returned. He wanted to keep doing them, he could tell a big difference.

Brad also got in the hyperbaric chamber for an hour, from time to time. It's pressurized so oxygen is forced into the body. They can be bought online.

By the time we left his appointments, Brad looked like he'd had a face lift! His immune system was in great shape, even after so many chemo's that even the chemo nurses asked our advice on their blood work. Brad's liver and kidney functions were better than many of the nurses!

Dr. Lobe is a pediatric surgeon. He does stem cell treatments for many types of diseases including Autism. I had stem cell treatments for my COPD and overnight, I was running on a treadmill after being out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. The emphysema was slowly getting worse until the stem cells. That stopped straight away and this winter I was jogging uphill in the snow without losing my breath. Stem cells are also injected into the joints to heal the blood vessels that will then re-gro the cartilage. 

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Dr. Thom Lobe

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