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From Amber in Australia:


We stumbled across Brad and Nicolas healing journey through our own journey with esophagus cancer and my father. As horrible as this battle is it was refreshing to see another person battling out the odds using conventional and natural medicines and my father was embarking on a similar journey with the same cancer, so the information that was being collated was invaluable and saved us so much time. Nicola was so comprehensive with her research and it gave us peace of mind that our experience would be different to those that we were witnessing on all the fb pages we were being exposed to.

I believe that without Brad and Nicolas help with this experience that my dad would not be where he is at this point, and I'm saddened that Brads fight ended sooner that we thought it would. Brad and Nicola gave us the inspiration to keep charging ahead no matter what was presented to us, and they did it all with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, absolutely amazing beautiful people. We can't thank them enough for their dedication to educating others through this time. When Dad finally catches up with Brad they are going to have the most amazing jam session.....I can hear it now, fly high Brad. xo

From Neal McQ (runs Midway dispensary, Chicago)


The first time I met Brad and Nicola was at the dispensary when they applied for the card. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing so it took 10 times longer to complete than it should have. That was a blessing for me, because I started to get to know them. It was when I first felt the force of nature that was Brad and Nicola. No nonsense, but with a smile, a laugh, a bit of wisdom. I’ll never forget it. Then I didn’t see them for a long time.

The next time a saw them Brad and Nicola were in full battle mode. Learning everything there is to know about treating and beating the disease. It was incredible. I was running a cannabis dispensary and I had these two tireless workhorses educating me and our patients on the best methods for people fighting cancer. We had people asking me to ask them questions for treatments. Thankfully they created the website so they could share and communicate everything they learned. They worked hard to help others. It was impressive to watch. Little did I know then that I’d be such a big beneficiary of their experience and knowledge. 

After my diagnosis Brad and Nicola basically took me under their wing and gave me what I needed to know to prepare for and fight cancer. Products, methods, nutrition, check ins, all from Brad and Nicola. It was an all hands-on deck attitude and support effort from the get-go. They shared everything they learned. Brad and Nicola helped so many people with their battles. Brad was a great gentleman. A cool cat. A badass musician. He was passionate and tough. He shared his gifts and knowledge. He always shared his latest efforts and never left without encouragement. I think about all the people Brad and Nicola helped, and I am grateful to be one among many. 

See you on the flip side brother. Thank you and keep watching over Nicola the way she watched over you. Fierce.

Theresa P

Dear sweet Brad, you will be in my thought heart always. I would like to thank, you for allowing me into your world and your journey... by journaling and sharing you gave all the family’s battling EC a place/website, to find a calm in our own storm of EC. With Brad’s amazing strength and courage he showed us all the love and kindness that can shine through even when you are fighting a fight that is won in moments. He will forever be the warrior that won his battle ... and leaves us all with so many beautiful notes . Still today, when my BIL has a setback in his battle, i think.. just breathe, turn on the radio... jack up the volume and enjoy the moment... then we fight the fight and give thanks for each and every smile, laugh, love shared along our journey... just as Brad shared with us. Rock on Brad
Much love ... fly high Brad I will always be thankful to both of you! You also taught me the strength to support along our journey. I’m forever grateful to you both (((Hug)))

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