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Brad was such a wonderful guy, so easy going and calm. People would fall in love with him from the second they met him. He was an I/O (Industrial/Organizational) Psychologist, a personality tester. He obtained his degree at ITT The Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. 

He also was a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist and keyboard player. Included on this page are some of his songs. All of his songs are fantastic! He began playing when he was 15. He studied at Berkley for a summer. What a great way to dive into music. His lead guitar was off the charts. Whenever we went to an open jam he would be brought up immediately to play even while the song was still playing. Sunday mornings were the best. I would launch Brad playing guitar live onto facebook. Our friends and family loved this. He loved poetry and had a fantastic sense of humor. His father who had passed away before Brad was diagnosed, was an oncology doctor. 

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