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Edema is the carrying of excess fluid. Lymphedema is the carrying of excess lymph gland fluid. This is commonly a side effect of chemotherapy. The difference between the two is there is a limited way to remove lymph gland fluid and we agree, without vigorous work but this essential oil worked, easily.

The difference between water retention and lymph gland fluid retention is that the lymph gland fluid cannot be removed by water pills like "Lazix".  Lazix removes the water from the body and therefor, in some way, it may relieve a person who has too much FLUID, on their body but it does not remove the fluid in the lymph glands.

Brad stopped taking Lazix as he found it to be a drug which was dehydrating him when he needed fluids to help his digestive system could return to normal.

Also, it did nothing to remove the lymphatic fluids. 


How GINGER ESSENCE took away so much lymph fluid from Brad's body, In such a short time. I wish we had known this secret, earlier on.

6 drops of this oil mixed with 2 tbls of coconut oil, just warmed up a bit and then rubbed on all over, took away most of the fluid within 2 days. Hospice care nurses were amazed to see this, especially knowing Brad had refused the water retention medication, days earlier.

Care must be taken around the genitals and all tender areas when using this essence, as with every essential oil. Avoid nipples, anus, eyes, ears, lips, any other orifice. A skin test is advised. 

Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.


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