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              Morning Shake

A chemo patient needs a lot of protein, up to 100 grams a day. From what we see, this is important for gaining amino acids which are building blocks for white blood cells (WBC). It may sound like a tall feat but this morning shake will set a chemo patient well on their way. Order a blender. We got the Nutri-bullet from Amazon. It comes with lips for the rim and lids for the cups  so great for on the go.


The first thing we do is get our water ready to wash the fruit and eggs. Being on chemo, we need to be ultra careful about washing everything. We use Trader Joe’s veggie wash. It gets rid of the chemicals, waxes and bacteria. We wash the fruit first, cutting off the tips and anything bad, before washing. Bacteria can get on the veggies from the knife when cutting so we rinse the knife before chopping each item. This is the same case for veggies in the green drink.


1. We start with around 8 fluid oz’s of unsweetened coconut milk, to get the fat. It is a good saturated fat. We checked through all the types of coconut milk to find the one with the lowest carbs and sugar. Trader Joe’s has the best we’ve found. 

2. We can not recommend this to anyone but for ourselves, we crack 3 organic raw eggs in next. Each egg is 6 grams of protein. 

3. We add the shake powder which is from “Garden of Life.” It is Organic Vegan Vanilla flavored. This is the lowest carb/sugar anywhere and the nutrients are far superior to any other powders we’ve found. At 22 grams of protein and only 2 grams of carbs, this is definitely the way to go.

4. We add about 4 oz’s of pomegranate juice or super juice which consists of superfood berries and carrots. Learn more about pomegranate and carrots in “Trojan horse” section.

5. Next are nuts. We add a tbls. of organic almond meal and small handful of walnuts. These are lower in carbs than most other nuts. Check out the page in our web site link section.Please see our dessert. The ingredients can also be added to this shake. We like to split it up.


By the time Brad walks out the door, he has already consumed around 60 grams of protein out of the 100 needed for a day and less than 5 grams of what I call “Bad Carbs.” Pomegranate juice has good carbs which I will explain more about in the “Trojan horse” section. On occasion, he will have a small breakfast, afterward. Maybe a piece of bacon or a sausage, some berries.

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