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How to get Alkaline

Here is something you can do to help stay cancer free and all the Dr's do it is, get a lemon and cut it in half, squeeze half in water twice a day. Diseases have a hard time living in an alkaline environment. Yes, lemons are acidic but the ph is like 3.5 and the stomach acids are like 1.6 so it raises the ph level . 7.8 is where a person wants to be. I have ph paper, so cheap on amazon, like $3 for 300 strips. Piss on one, on the second piss of the day (first one is emptying out the acids from the day before) and see what color it turns. This is most accurate but it can be tested with salive. Brad would check several times a day. Amazing to see how it would change, depending on what he would eat within an hour.

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