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Traditional herbal medicine in supportive cancer care: From alternative to integrative

Seeing as how I did well the last time with a scholarship from Technion, I have applied for another. "Traditional herbal medicine in supportive cancer care: From alternative to integrative". Fingers and toes crossed I will be awarded this one, too. The basic of this course is to help folk who believe in diet and holistic ways and also want to use conventional medicine. The belief a person has in their own heart, what they believe in (like grandma saying to use salt for a bad throat) will heal them, is worth as much as any medicine, in my humble opinion and worldwide double blind studies and data analysis agree, on this. Also, Grandma does know best! For me, aside from trying to help prevent folks from being given bad advice on fb/the web, I hope to be a bridge in this gap where conventional is the only way, especially in the Western World. 📷<3 Have a great day, guys 📷:)

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